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Global Sports Sunday

Global Sports Sunday

Global Sports Sunday is a celebrating of the community of sport and now more than ever, it is important that the church doesn’t go backwards in its commitment to that community.

Global Sports Chaplaincy Association and it’s partners are inviting to be pray and raise awareness of the community of sport this September.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are called to support, serve and bless that community with the love of God. Whether it’s praying or practically serving, Global Sports Sunday is a great way for your church to take time to pray; we will be sharing a range of great resources.

Right now, we need you to put the date in your calendar. Download the logo, share about it with those you know and maybe even start by writing to your local sports club and ask what you can pray about?

Sport is more than an activity, it’s a community and we are called to play our part, especially if we are a part of it. Can I encourage you to sign up and register to let us know you are taking part?

Thank you for all you are doing and may God bless you!

Let us know you’re joining!

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We will be adding resources below that you and your team can use to prepare for GSS.

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